Printing vs Embroidery - Which is Right for You?

Published: Mon 29 Jan 2024

Printing vs Embroidery - Which is Right for You?

When buying branded workwear, you have the option to choose between printing and embroidery. Each method comes with its own set of characteristics, catering to different preferences and styles. This guide aims to shed light on the differences between Printing and Embroidery, helping you choose which one is best for you.


Printing, also known as screen printing, is a popular choice for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. Here are some key features:

1. Vibrant Colours and Detailed Designs

Printing allows for intricate and colourful designs, making it an ideal choice for detailed graphics and photographs.

2. Cost-Effective for Bulk Orders

If you're ordering in bulk, printing is often more cost-effective compared to embroidery.

3. Variety of Materials:

Printing works well on various materials, including cotton, polyester, and blends, providing flexibility in garment selection.

4. Ideal for Custom Apparel and Promotional Items

Custom t-shirts, hoodies, and promotional items often benefit from the vivid, eye-catching results of printing.

When to Choose Printing:

• Large orders with intricate designs
• Budget-conscious projects
• Promotional or casual wear


Embroidered logos are a popular way to add a professional touch to various items such as clothing, hats, bags, and more. Embroidery involves stitching a thread into a product to create the logo. Here are some key features:

1. Professional and Elegant Look

Embroidery adds a three-dimensional texture, providing a professional and upscale appearance to your garments.

2. Durable and Long-Lasting

Embroidery withstands wear and tear exceptionally well, making it suitable for workwear and durable apparel.

3. Wide Range of Textures

Explore different textures and thread options to create unique designs.

4. Logo and Branding

Ideal of showcasing logos and branding elements on corporate wear and uniforms.

When to Choose Embroidery:

• Corporate or business attire
• Premium and durable clothing items
• Designs with a focus on logos or monograms

So, Which one is best for you?

Now after exploring the features of each of the options. Which one is actually the ideal method for you? Consider the following main 3 factors:

1. Design Complexity

• For more intricate designs and vibrant colours, printing is often the go-to choice.
• For logos and simpler designs, embroidery is a much elegant option.

2. Quantity and Budget

• Printing is cost-effective for larger orders, making it suitable for bulk projects.
• Embroidery may be more expensive but is cost-effective for smaller quantities and offers a luxurious finish.

3. Type of Garment

• Printing works well on Cotton, Silk, Wool, Polyester and Nylon
• Embroidery is ideal for premium items and works well for Cotton, Polo Shirts, Fleeces, Sweatshirts, Linen, Uniforms.

Ultimately, the decision between printing and embroidery depends on your specific needs and the desired outcome for your custom clothing project. Consider the factors mentioned above, and you'll be well on your way to making the right choice.

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